Novelty Bets Explained in Simple Words

Ausvegas – Novelty bets are often considered a fun side show or obscure event betting, as though a smaller version of real sports betting, but novelty betting has grown considerably in the last few years. Novelty betting is the betting on anything but sports, the range is seemingly limitless on what one could bet on. Below will be the most frequently bet on events available in novelty betting.

Find Out More About Sports Betting Origins

Sports betting is widely considered to be the first kind of betting to ever take popularity. While growing considerably in the last three decades, we don’t often consider the history of sports betting.  With a rich history dating back further than most people would realise, its apparent that sports betting has always been a great hobby for people and will likely continue so for as long as we still play sports.

Fantasy Sports Betting Explained

Fantasy sports are a great way to put an additional spin on your favourite game allowing you to play your own game set in the games “universe” for this articles sake we will explain fantasy sports betting from a football standpoint as it is currently the most used and bet on fantasy sport available. All other fantasy sports will follow a very similar structure, the only difference may be in how points are earned.

ESports Betting Tips By Pros

ESports is not only the fastest growing sport but the fastest growing sport for the betting market too. For any new bettor ESports can be a great place to start, but it isn’t without its own set of unique challenges. Below will be some tips to help you overcome the initial challenges of betting on ESports and start your journey to becoming a successful bettor

The Rise Of Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin has very quickly become a way of life for us. When it started, we could never have guessed what a huge impact it would have on our lives. Those of us that started buying bitcoin when it started (and even those of us still investing) can clearly see how we reap the rewards of this investment. Even our monthly groceries can be bought with it.

Online Roulette Tips For Biggest Wins

We all love a good game of roulette and we all want to win big while playing that good game of roulette. Winning big while playing this game at your online casino is in fact not as difficult as all that. With these helpful tips on how you can up your game and increase your winnings, you are sure to be a roulette pro.