Novelty Bets Explained in Simple Words

Ausvegas – Novelty bets are often considered a fun side show or obscure event betting, as though a smaller version of real sports betting, but novelty betting has grown considerably in the last few years. Novelty betting is the betting on anything but sports, the range is seemingly limitless on what one could bet on. Below will be the most frequently bet on events available in novelty betting.

Why Novelty Bets Exist

While starting out simply for some fun side betting for bettors, novelty bets has grown into a great opportunity for avid bettors. With a range of betting opportunities for anything that may interest you, there is bound to be a novelty bet to excite you and make some money as well.

Common Novelty Bets

Novelty bets can range to literally anything, Below we will cover a few of the more common betting topics with a few examples of typical events or occurrences to bet on.

  • Current Affairs – current affairs is probably one of the wider categories available in novelty bets. With current affairs you can bet on anything from who will win the Nobel peace prize to the Times person of the year. There is no limit to what is available in novelty bets.
  • TV bets – as with all categories in novelty bets, TV is another wide stroke offering more bets than one can imagine. From Survivor to Idols, any TV series can be bet on. Even Fictional TV series can be bet on, writers usually don’t release scripts ahead of time, making betting on fictional TV a very popular bet.
  • Film – While bets relating to the film directly are very popular, bets around the whole film industry are very common. Outcomes of movies, box office statistics and awards to be won by films or actors are all common ground for betting. In recent years the latest instalment of the Avengers series was a hit with bettors the world over.
  • Politics – Second to only film betting, political betting has become extremely popular around the world. It can at times be a somewhat contentious topic, but that does not stop people from using it to the best of their ability. Bets are available for almost every political election in the world, not only at high level but often lower level like regional as well. While majority of the bets focus on “to win” there is a wide range of betting available for example, by margin, amount of seats and reaction to the outcome.
  • Music – Music bets have become another large category in novelty bets, relating mostly to music awards. However, there are many other bets to be had. From actions on stage to potential children names, there is a world of bets available.

Final Thoughts

As with all betting, finding value is key. Pay close attention to the odds offered to decide if the bet is worth taking for you. Another crucial aspect is money management, always stick to your bankroll.