How To Bet On The IPL

The IPL (Indian Premier league) is a great decision to bet on for any avid cricket fan. Played in a T20 format, this allows the games played to be short and decisive, making it possible to enjoy full matches no matter what your days agenda may hold.

With 8 teams and action spanning over 38 days, the IPL is easy to follow and very manageable to learn for any punter. The IPL is the biggest cricket league in the world and a fantastic choice for any bettor who has any interest in betting on cricket. Below we will highlight a few key things to look into before you start betting on the IPL.

Choosing A Sportsbook

When starting betting, the most important part is choosing the right sportsbook. The sportsbook has the ability to make or break your betting experience, so choosing the right one is of great importance. Below are a few tips to help you choose the right sportsbook for you.

  • Security – The first step into choosing a sportsbook is knowing that the sportsbook is safe for you and your money. The best place to start is to check a sportsbooks licensing, which regulatory bodies a sportsbook is registered to is a great way to determine the legitimacy of a sportsbook
  • User friendly – A sportsbook should be simply laid out and easy to navigate. If the sportsbook is difficult to use, that could greatly impair your ability to make bets in a quick and easy fashion. Check out some reviews of a sportsbook to ensure that it supplies a decent user experience.
  • Odds – Different sportsbooks offer different odds for different bets. Be sure to know what odds you are getting and don’t be afraid to check the odds offered from different sportsbooks, Finding value in your bets is one of the most important aspects of becoming a better punter.
  • Bonuses – Most online sportsbooks today offer Bonuses in one way or another, sign up bonuses can be very enticing for any new bettor but don’t let that distract you from other available bonuses. Best value is usually found in deposit bonuses, but be sure to check how the different bonuses will work for you.


A few tips to help you get started on your IPL betting journey.

  • Find value – The most important job you will have as a bettor is to find value in your bets, this will come down to a few aspects of your bets but mainly pertains to the odds on offer.
  • Game knowledge – Vital in any sport betting is knowledge of the game. A great game knowledge will allow you not only to make more accurate bets in general but also make use of live betting.
  • Player knowledgeDifferent players tend to have good and bad days. Learn where and why the players tend to do well, Maybe a certain batsman is weaker to a certain type of bowler, This can have a large effect on your betting outcomes at