Fantasy Sports Betting Explained

Fantasy sports are a great way to put an additional spin on your favourite game allowing you to play your own game set in the games “universe” for this articles sake we will explain fantasy sports betting from a football standpoint as it is currently the most used and bet on fantasy sport available. All other fantasy sports will follow a very similar structure, the only difference may be in how points are earned.

Betting In Fantasy Football

Betting on fantasy football is unlike betting in the traditional sense. There is a much less wide variety of bets to be had. Your starting point on would be to enter a fantasy football league and build your perfect roster. Once in the league the main goal is to sit back and win. Most sportsbooks will allow for transfers during the season which can be of great benefit to anybody playing fantasy football.


A fantasy football league usually consists of eight players who each need to try and fill their roster to the best of their ability. Roster draws on a sportsbook usually happen in a random order. You or another player will get a chance to choose a player, they will go through everybody in the league until each person has one player, at which point the draw will start again. This process will continue until all of the people in your league have drawn between 15 and 18 players, this number is usually league specific.

How To Win

Fantasy Football scoring can be tricky to those who are not already familiar with football scoring. Scoring is not only awarded for touchdowns, field-goals and assists, but also a myriad of defensive and distance travelled factors. Each fantasy football scoring technique will be slightly different so be sure to get to know the scoring system of any sportsbook you decide is best for you.


Like any sports betting, there are ways to better your chances in fantasy football betting. Below are a few tips to help you better your fantasy football chances.

  • Players – Knowledge of players here is vital as you don’t get to choose your roster up front and need to choose on the fly taking into account players chosen by the other people in your league. This can be extremely challenging for anybody who does not know all of the players in the chosen league. It cannot be stressed enough how vital player knowledge is as you will not always end up with your top pick and need to have several backup players in mind at all times.
  • Team Knowledge – While your players are the most vital aspect of your game, it is worth getting to know the teams from which your players come from. A great touchdown scorer may be not have the opportunity to score if his team does not provide him with decent opportunities.
  • Your League – Get to know your individual league and try stay with the same league. Player selection strategies will be easier to counter when you learn the normal strategies taken.