ESports Betting Tips By Pros

ESports is not only the fastest growing sport but the fastest growing sport for the betting market too. For any new bettor ESports can be a great place to start, but it isn’t without its own set of unique challenges. Below will be some tips to help you overcome the initial challenges of betting on ESports and start your journey to becoming a successful bettor

Game Selection

ESports as a whole is a great choice for betting. Since betting requires so much knowledge of the game, betting on many of the games in the ESports scene could be a mistake. Below we will highlight a few of the more popular games for ESports betting. It is generally recommended to find one or two of the games that you enjoy and focus mainly on them, knowledge is key and having a working knowledge of all the games simultaneously will be a challenge at best.

  • DOTA 2 – Possible the most in depth real-time strategy game available in ESports, DOTA 2 is a fantastic game to watch but can come with a very large learning curve. High-level players skill gaps tend to be on the smaller side, so player and game knowledge will be vital to winning bets on DOTA 2.
  • CS:GO – CS:GO or more commonly referred to as Counter Strike or just CS is a first person shooter which picked up on older counter strike legacy to become the most played first person shooter in the world. Famed for high intensity game play and great balancing CS is the ultimate FPS game to highlight team play and skill. As with most professional ESports titles, the skill gap at the top is not large, knowledge will be vital to secure a win.
  • League Of LegendsLeague of Legends otherwise known simply as LOL is a real-time strategy game comparable to the likes of DOTA. It can be argued that LOL is not as in depth as DOTA but with more exciting and shorter game play. LOL is a great decision if you are new to ESports betting and want to bet on a strategy based game.

Many other games exist in ESports, find a game that will be easy for you to follow and enjoy.

Game Knowledge

No matter which game you choose to bet on, game knowledge will be vital. Try playing the game for yourself and learning it from a player prospective. There is no better learning than participating yourself.

Team Knowledge

In ESports knowledge of the players and team may be more important than any other sport. ESports performances tend to be less consistent than those of other sports, a bad mental state can really turn a game around. Get to know the players not only on a professional level but a more private one too. Most professional players stream as well, it may be worth it to watch the streams before big events to try understand the current state of the players.