The Rise Of Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin has very quickly become a way of life for us. When it started, we could never have guessed what a huge impact it would have on our lives. Those of us that started buying bitcoin when it started (and even those of us still investing) can clearly see how we reap the rewards of this investment. Even our monthly groceries can be bought with it.

It is therefore no surprise in a world that values speed, privacy and entertainment at our finger tips, that you can use your Bitcoin when enjoying online gambling. At the click of a button from your electronic device you can transfer between your Bitcoin e-wallet and your favourite online gambling game. Enjoy hours of gambling without ever leaving your home.

The Driving Force of Accessibility

Bitcoin is an international currency. What makes this so incredible is that this means there is money conversion. You do not have to first exchange your currency for a different one to be able to gamble online. The requirement for the online casino to accept your currency, is that they themselves need to be a Bitcoin supporting online casino.

This then leads to an almost instant pay-out of wins directly in to your e-wallet. The instant reflection of money into your e-wallet is not only incredibly convenient but it is also perfect for those who value their privacy. Never again will you have to give your banking or any personal information, online, to any online casino. All they need is access to your e-wallet.

Playing On Worldwide Online Casino

This sounds almost redundant, as one would think that anyone can play at any online casino worldwide. This is however not the case. Many online casinos follow a strict geolocation-based restriction. For example, an online casino in California might only allow Californians to play. This is of course monitored through your online account and banking

With the use of bitcoin this could very well be a thing of the past. Because your e-wallet and crypto currency is internet based and not geological location based, they simply cannot monitor where in the world you are. This does of course create somewhat of a problem for the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE), but it does open an entire world to the player.

Lower Fees And Great Rewards

As previously stated, online gambling in Bitcoin eliminates the middleman of currency conversion. Generally, with currency conversion there is a fee to be paid that is worked out in a percentage of the currency you are converting too. Online casinos that use Bitcoin, still have a conversion fee but it is much less than normal as the middleman is cut out.

To further entice the online gambler, these bitcoin friendly casinos have also brought out specific bitcoin bonuses that you could win while playing your favourite online game. With all these wonderful perks, it is no wonder Bitcoin online gambling is the new way to gamble.