Your Guide to Boosting Your Video Poker Game

Winning better at video poker does not require you to be a rocket scientist. There are a few helpful ways in which you can better your game over night. The key is to pay attention to these tips and then apply them to your game. Here are 5 ways that you can use to boost your video poker wins.


Slow It Down When Betting

The game of video poker is very simplistic with not many rules that are long too tedious too remember. Because it is so simplistic, many people simply sit down and hit the button as fast as what they can to get to that win. You need to take it slower. Calm yourself down. The game is not going to go anywhere. Be present in the moment and enjoy it. This could help you focus and see more ways in which you can better your odds.

Maximum Risk is Everything

As with most casino games, the more you bet the higher your pay-out will be. A one token bet might be safe but as you will see in the betting chart of the game, it won’t give you a high winning. A maximum bet, will better your odds of winning and the winning itself will be much higher that just playing it safe. Of course, you have to find the happy balance between your bets and your budget.

Strategize as Much as Possible

The most popular video poker games are ‘Jacks or Better’ and ‘Deuces Wild’. Both of these games use a normal 52 card deck to play with. You can use this to advantage. When you know the cards that are currently in play on the table you can work out the cards that are still in the deck. Knowing what is waiting for you, you can attempt to calculate what is coming next and plan according. Of course, here you can also see how taking it slow is very important.

It’s all About Knowing the Rules

There is a plethora of video poker games out on the market, but essentially video poker is video poker. Just about all of them use a five card draw and then takes it from there. It is important that know and understand the rules of standard poker and then of course the variant of poker you are playing. Learn from other players by watching videos on YouTube or social media platforms. There is no reason to be uninformed about the game.

Know What to Expect

All of the video poker sites that you can visit, generally has a pay table. This pay table shows you what the pay-outs are like based on the amount that you are betting. It is a not-so-subtle way of your online casino helping you. By studying these tables, you can see which games offer the best pay-outs and you can choose to play those games rather than ones that offer poor pay-outs.

It really is that easy to better your odds at winning at video poker.