Starmania Slot Game Functions in Detail for Players

The Starmania slot game is a creation of Next Gen Studios. It features a rather unusual theme, based entirely around various three dimensional stars hovering on the reels. Some may call the theme a touch bland and uncreative, considering how in-depth some modern slot themes can be. But, with special attention paid to ambience and sound, Next Gen has managed to transform a simple theme into something truly special. From the soft, esoteric music, to the way the tone of the music changes depending on if the reels are in motion or not, Starmania is an engaging experience on many levels.

The player will quickly learn that there is a different chime for each possible payout, which is not only pleasant to hear, but also a way to keep track of the events of the game. Bonus symbols are announced with a delicate jingle, while wild symbols carry their own pleasant chimes. It’s a deep audio experience that quickly becomes hypnotising, and few other slot games can claim to do the same. So we know now that the casino game is a visual and audio treat, but how does Starmania do in the game play department?

Game Play Details

Starmania uses a 5 reel system, which is to be expected. What is unexpected is that the game also uses a fixed betting line system, which will be an instant disappointment for many slot game players. There is no raising or lowering betting lines between spins, which means there is little in the way of strategic options. The bet amount itself can be changed, but this is little compensation, especially for those who prefer to a more hands on experience.

There is, however, a gamble mini-game, which can be activated after a standard win has been achieved. Upon a win being registered, the gamble button will illuminate, and can be tapped or clicked. This will open a window that shows a facedown playing card. The player need simply guess the colour of the card, red or black, to instantly double the win. Or, by guessing the suit of the card, clubs, diamonds hearts, or spades, the win can be instantly quadrupled. It’s a simple game, but one that goes a long way to making Starmania a bit more interesting.

Big Bonuses

There is, of course, a wild symbol in the Starmania slot game. Represented as the written word Wild, the wild symbol will match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence, which is standard. It is the bonus symbol that really makes the game start to get interesting.

If the bonus symbol matches the player will get not only get an instant mini-jackpot, but 10 free spins. The twist in Starmania is that with each free spin more wilds are added to the reels, up to an amazing 20 extra wilds. As can be imagined this makes the free spins incredibly lucrative, almost to the point of absurdity. Starmania is certainly a generous slot game, and this alone makes it worth a look for both veteran and beginner slot game players.