Overview of Double Happiness Video Slot

Overview of Double Happiness Video Slot

Double Happiness is a slot game created by Aristocrat Game. It is based around a theme of Chinese celebration, and draws heavily from the country’s rich culture for inspiration. This means symbol designs that show fireworks, paper fans, and other well known iconic items. The result of this wonderful visual design is a slot game that is a joy to behold, and few will be able to play the game and not feel a little brighter, simply for being in such a festive atmosphere.

The audio of the sound may not be as well realised as the visuals, but the game can still be commended for putting such effort into the graphics. In terms of game play Double Happiness uses a standard five reel, twenty five betting line system, giving the player the option to raise or lower betting lines as they prefer. This results in a strategic play system that encourages interaction from the player, and is something that veteran slot game players will certainly appreciate. Double Happiness is available now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Symbol Values and Payouts

The already mentioned Chinese themed symbols are easily recognisable, even on smaller mobile phone screens. This means that the player is never confused about what is going on, and this is certainly a feather in the cap of the developers.

The most valuable symbol shows a dancing man with a paper fan, an enormous smile upon his face. If matching with himself the maximum of five times the resulting payout is a big one, which might explain why the man is smiling so brightly. The second most valuable symbol in Double Happiness is the purple drum, which pays moderately less then the dancing man, but will still be a welcome sight on the reels. Next on the list are the fireworks, followed by the paper lantern and symbols.

The lower value symbols are the traditional playing card numbers, including nine, ten, jack, queen and king. As always, these are the least valuable symbols, with a high frequency on the reels, but a low payout amount.

Aristocrat Double Happiness Slot

Bonus Symbols and Specials

The lucky dragon is a commonly reoccurring theme in Chinese culture, and he appears again here in the Double Happiness slot game. The dragon is, of course, considered to be lucky, and one cant argue that logic when they see the dragon is a roaming wild symbol. A roaming wild means that the dragon symbol will appear at random on the reels, and will substitute for all other symbols, except the scatter symbol.

A winning sequence may consist of, for example, two aces and a dragon, which will grant a three aces payout. The second bonus symbol in Double Happiness is the Chinese writing on a red background, which is the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol, upon matching, will grant ten, fifteen, or twenty five free spins, depending on the value of the sequence. Upon being granted free spins will play out automatically, with all wins paying out three times more then usual.