An Exclusive Review of The Count Of Monte Cristo Slot

The Count Of Monte Cristo Slot

Monte Cristo slot is quite different from conventional slot games, with a completely different layout.  There are no reels or paylines, but rather a bouncing ball that ricochets across the screen from a surface to various objects.  Prizes are awarded and actions are triggered, depending on the course of the ball’s projectile, which is completely random.

The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure novel originally written in French, by French author Alexandre Dumas.  The novel was completed in 1844 (Dumas also wrote The Three Musketeers).  The story is about a man who is wrongfully accused and imprisoned, escapes from captivity, comes into a large fortune and then sets his sights on revenge against his captors – with grave consequences to the guilty and the innocent alike.

The novel is considered a literary classic, and Amaya Gaming have now developed a slot game based on the legendary Count of Monte Cristo himself.

Graphics and Game Interface

The graphics will certainly appeal to fans of arcade games, as the game strongly reminds of arcade classics such as Arkanoid and Break Out.

The game interface and rules may be different to typical slot games, but it remains user-friendly and as such one quickly becomes familiar with the new layout and functions.

True to the original storyline of the novel, all of the action takes place inside a dungeon-like setting, and the sound of torches burning in the night is continually heard in the background.

Monte Cristo slot can be played for free or for real money.

The Count Of Monte Cristo Slot Interface

Monte Cristo Slot Symbols

Different symbols set different actions in motion, alternatively, award various prizes.  Whenever the bouncing ball touches a specific symbol, the action or prize associated with that symbol is applied.

Naturally then, there is no Spin fuction, but bets are made on Bounces.

Symbols, and their corresponding actions and payouts, are as follows:

Silver key in box with green velvet inlay – Triggers the Bonus Round

Parcel of documents tied with string – Triggers 5 Free Games, or an additional free game when already playing in Free Game Mode

Bomb symbol – awards wins from all surrounding symbols

Heart symbol with yellow cross – Adds 3 free bounces

Skull symbol – cancels the current game round

Blue Sapphire – 100 credits

Green treasure chest – 25 credits

Emerald ring – 5 credits

Gold coins – 0.5 credits

Venetian mask – Awards one free round with the previous map remaining in play (i.e. no walls to bounce through first).

Keep the Ball Going

The bouncing ball can bounce off of objects up to 10 times during any particular bet round.

If compared to some slots at, wagers are placed on game rounds, instead of on the traditional spin round.

Bonus Round

Whenever the bouncing ball hits the silver key symbol, the Monte Cristo Bonus Round will come into play.  During this round, a selection of doors will appear on the screen.  Each door conceals a multiplier value, which when chosen, is applied to all winnings.

As soon as the skull symbol appears, the bonus round ends.