The Deuces Wild Version of Video Poker

Deuces Wild is a well-known video poker variant. There are numerous types of Deuces Wild, players should make sure that they are aware of all the nuances and odds changes they may be facing if they are going to play for real money. All video poker games are available for free play, and this mode is ideal for practice and fine-tuning strategy.

In playing Deuces Wild at mobile casino USA, the first item to consider is that the number 2 cards, also known as the deuces, are wild, and can substitute for any other card apart from another deuce. The most common type of video poker game is Jacks or Better and this is often the game players start with. Any video poker player worth their salt will also know that using game strategy effectively makes a big difference to the winnings in this game.

Important Game Strategy Changes

The game strategy changes that need to be effected when playing Deuces Wild are such that using Jacks or Better strategy would be seriously detrimental to winnings. In Deuces Wild, players are not rewarded for two pairs, or the usual Jacks or Better. The high hand ranking cards, the picture cards, are therefore less important, and players of Deuces Wild should concentrate more on getting one or more deuces with the fresh set of discard decisions that comes with playing video poker using a wild card.

Being dealt a wild card in the initial hand when playing Deuces Wild initiates a more complicated strategy than would be utilised in Jacks or Better. The strategy is quite sophisticated and most player support sites in this regard recommend that players print out a strategy card that can be referred to whilst playing the game. This is relatively important since the game play does not require a rapid decision, and the utilisation of the correct strategy is completely essential to making the most of the high returns to player that this game offers.

Important Hands in Deuces Wild

In terms of general video poker play, in Deuces Wild video poker the hands that are of decreased value and emphasis are three of a Kind and a Straight. These hands are paid out at even money only. The hands in Deuces Wild where players start experiencing some winning potential begin with a Flush and include the addition of a Five of a Kind hand since there are wild cards available.

The most valuable hand in this game is the Royal Flush. In Deuces Wild a Royal Flush pays out 800 coins when the wild deuces are not used, and this translates to a 4000-coin win at the maximum 5-coin stake.

Making the Most of Online Facilities

In most versions of Deuces Wild that are available at online casinos, players are offered many game settings, and this includes volume control, game speed increases and full-screen playing mode. Very importantly this intricate version of video poker will generally be offered for free at many casinos, and the most successful players will have spent time honing their strategy and skills using this facility.

Deuces Wild video poker will normally offer players the Expert Mode option to allow advanced players the auto play feature and access to ongoing game statistics. Seasoned experts will always advise using every bit of available help to assist.