Learn these Blackjack Basics Before Playing for Real Money

Blackjack Basics for Players

Blackjack is a wonderful game to play but like many casino games, the thought of playing can prove to be quite intimidating, whether you find yourself playing online or in a traditional casino. There are a few rules that need to be remembered, and while they might seem overwhelming at first, they are actually quite straight forward.

When compared with other real money casino games, blackjack is quite a simple one that is very easy to understand. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the basics you need to understand about blackjack before diving in and playing.

The Table

Knowing the layout of a typical blackjack table is key to a good game. Each table has a designated space (sometimes in the shapes of circles, other times as squares) where you will need to place your wager and where the cards will be dealt.

Just to the left of the dealer is what is known as the “shoe”. This is where the shuffled cards are placed once they are ready to be dealt. Once the cards are ready, the game can begin. When a new game begins, it is called a “new deal” or the “start of a new shoe”.

The tray directly in front of the dealer is where all of the casino chips will be stored. This is where any winning bets are paid from, and where all the chips that have been lost go to.

Playing Casino Blackjack

Seating Positions

Where players sit in a game of blackjack is not really a matter of importance as it has no bearing on the game itself. However, it might be interesting to note that the seat to the far left of the dealer is called the “first base”. The opposite seat, the one to the dealer’s far right is called “third base”. The names of the seats at a blackjack table all follow a similar format, but of course alter depending on what numbered seat they are actually at.

Placing Your Bet

Like knowing deeply about real money slots AU, once you understand the basics of the set-up of blackjack, you also need to understand each action that you can choose to take once the cards have been dealt:

  • Stand: When you choose to stand, you are choosing to stay with the original two cards that you have been dealt. Essentially, what you are saying to the dealer and to other players is that you do not wish to do anything else for the current hand that you are playing. It lets them know that you are satisfied with the cards that you currently have.
  • Hit: Once you hit, you are essentially requesting to draw more cards. Once the dealer places the new cards on the table, you have to decide whether to stand or to hit once more. You can hit the deck as often as you want to until you either make the hand that you want or finally run out of cards to play.

Blackjack is an easy to game to play and it promises to provide you with plenty of fun, laughter and perhaps even some big wins!