In-Depth Details about Quick Hit Pro Slot for Casino Players

Bally Software is one of the big names in the online slot industry. The developer certainly has a flagship series of slot titles, and the Quick Hit Pro slot is one of the more recent additions to the line up. Many of the games from Bally Software are based on a fairly standard setup of 5 game reels and 30 paylines. This is certainly the case for the Quick Hit Pro slot. However, this particular slot title does have a number of different features that will differentiate it from other similar games.

The minimum bet in the Quick Hit Pro slot for online players in 0.4. However the maximum bet is quite large, coming in at 400. If you have a big budget, and want to go all out to try and win that main jackpot prize that is on offer, then certainly consider placing the maximum bet. However, if you have less to spend, or would like to stretch out your online slot credits to last for as long as possible, then playing the minimum bet on each spin might be a better option for you. At the end of the day, the choice is all yours how you decide to approach this game.

Quick Hit Pro Slot Symbols

The symbols in the Quick Hit Pro slot are some of the standard slot type of icons, although all are very brightly coloured. These of course include the high playing card symbols, the yellow bells, and the red cherries. There are other icons like the Quick Hit Pro Quick Hit symbol, or the Quick Hit icon itself.

All of these symbols create different winning combinations if you are able to line them up next to each other on an active payline. For full details about all of these winning combinations, the Quick Hit Pro slot for online players does have a paytable that can be referred to at any time. Have a look at this to find out which symbols create the best winning combinations. You can also check what the implications will be in terms of how big your stake is, and what your potential winnings might be.

Bonus Game in Quick Hit Pro Slot

One of the most interesting bonus features of the Quick Hit Pro slot is unlocked by landing scatter symbols on reels 2 to 4. If you do manage to land the correct scatters, the Prochinko free games will be unlocked. This bonus feature is one of the key items of Quick Hit Pro slot that differentiates it from many other titles at the sites available on the web. In this bonus, you need to try and collect silver balls that show up on the board. As you collect these pinballs, you will then be taken to a different and separate game round which will open up after you have used your free spins.

In the pinball bonus round of Quick hit Pro slot for online players, a powerful plunger will launch your pinball onto a game board. As the pinball hits the different icons, you will be rewarded with a different prize. This might be anything up to a win that is 5x your original stake.