Free Casino Online Games

There are two main types of online casinos available for players from the Philippines. These are real money casinos and free money casinos. Real money casinos usually require players to create an account and deposit money into them before they can play any of the casino games. Free money casinos allow players to play free casino online games. These games are not usually as varied and can sometimes be of lower quality than real money games. It is important to bear in mind as well that free casino online games will not allow you to win any real money while playing them.

Accessing Free Casino Online Games

To find free casino online games you will need firstly have to have a device to play these games on. This can be either a computer or a mobile device. Mobile devices are popular for players from the Philippines to play free casino online games with as you can play free casino online games pretty much anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Once you have decided on your device and connected it to the Internet, you can search for free casino online games using your app store if you are using a mobile device, or your web browser if you are using your computer. App store results will most likely have to be downloaded onto your device, whereas web browser results will be a mix of downloadable and non downloadable casinos.

Types of Free Casino Online Games

Free casino online games come in many shapes and forms. There are almost as many different games available for free money as there is for real money. Slot machines are a very popular form of free casino online games. Slots themselves come in so many different kinds that it easy to lose track. Traditional slots were three reel affairs which has very few symbols and no extra games. In the very olden days these were called one armed bandits and simply spat coins at you when you won. Today slots are a totally different animal. Five reels of online animations and graphics that can rival an animated movie. These five reel slots also come with bonus games, which is a game within a game.

Table games such as can also be played as a form of free casino online games. Played against yourself and only the computer is a way to practice the particular game and sharpen your skills. Free money table games can be played against real live players too, especially in a social network setting. These games often come with advertisements from various sponsors.

Real Money Casinos and Free Casino Online Games

Real money casinos will sometimes also offer free casino online games. These are done so that players can possibly get a taste of a new game before it becomes a real money game. Another reason this is done is so that certain places around the world that do not allow gambling can still have access to games. Some countries have very strict gambling laws and do not allow their population to place bets. Free casino online games are a way of circumnavigating this, and making people aware of games should they move or visit an area that does allow players to take part real money online casinos.