Betting Odds for the US Golf Open in Detail

The betting odds for US golf open will be released as the event gets closer and closer. It is planned to be held in June 2016, around the same time of the year that the event is hosted every year. If all goes well in terms of the weather, the fourth round is typically played on the 3rd Sunday in June. There are many sites that offer Betting Odds for US golf open. These betting options come in a whole variety of formats, and punters generally have the opportunity of placing any bet that takes their fancy.

Looking at the US Open Betting Odds

When looking at the Betting Odds for US golf open, the most obvious bet is to try and predict the overall winner of the tournament. However, punters might prefer to attempt to predict who will be leading after the first round. Punters could even decide to wager on who they think will be the top United States player, or the top Australian, South African, or other nationality player.

Typically these wagers will all come with very different odds, and so punters will have to make decisions about how they wish to approach their online sports betting. Of course, if you are just a person who feels like placing a single bet on one player that you think might win, then there is no problem at all with going for this option.

Every now and again a tournament of this description might end in a tie. If this is the case, the winner will be decided by a playoff, which could last as long as it takes for one player to end on top. It is even possible to place bets on the result being decided by a play off.

Many sites will offer betting odds for US golf open. Details of these odds become available as the tournament approaches. The actual US Open golf tournament is open to professional and amateur golfers alike, as long as they have a valid USPGA Handicap Index that does not exceed 1.4. Players are able to get access to the tournament by being fully exempt, or otherwise by being able to successfully qualify. The full US Open field is limited to 156 competitors.

Qualifying for the US Open

There are a number of ways in which players can become fully exempt, and punters looking at the betting odds for US golf open will be aware of some of these. For instance, any winners of the US Open over the last 10 years will automatically qualify. Other exempt categories include the winner and runner up from the last years US Amateur, as well as the winners from the last three Player’s Championships.

The current BMW PGA Championship winner is exempt, and the winner of the previous US Senior Open. In addition, the winners of the Masters Tournament, the Open Championship, and the PGA Championship for the last 5 years will also gain automatic entry into the US Open. In addition to this, there are a number of other ways in which players can gain automatic qualification to the tournament.