All About Betting for Punters

Of all the oldest pastimes in the world, betting is perhaps one of the oldest. From ancient Rome to modern Las Vegas, betting has come in just about every shape and size. Simply put, betting is when a person puts down a sum of money on either winning or losing something, such as a casino game, racing, or a sporting event of some description. There are a number of reasons why betting has always been such a popular activity; the thrill or winning or the suspense of possibly losing, the money that one can walk away with, or even simply as a way to keep entertained.

The Internet has given bettors from across the globe more access to gambling events than ever before. Even those from countries that have limitations on gambling, such as New Zealand, now have the chance to wager on just about any event they wish.

Betting Odds

When getting involved in betting of any sort, a bettor will quickly come to learn about odds and how they can change the nature of any given bet. Odds are, simply put, the chances which are calculated in terms of how much money a bettor has the chance of winning or losing when making a bet. This is the simplest description of odds, where in reality the nature of odds can change drastically depending on the event being bet on as well as the rules of the casino or bookmaker the bet is being made through.

Odds are also different depending on the region that the bet is being made in. For example, in Europe, the odds are displayed with the total amount of winnings as well as the original sum that was wagered. In Britain, on the other hand, the odds simply display the amount that the bettor can expect to receive in returns if the bet is successful.

Lastly, odds in The United States are often simply displayed in 100s, where the bettor can win a certain amount from the stake, or how much the stake is valued at in terms of units. The desktop or mobile online betting sites will generally stick to the overall regional odds rules for their wagering policies, and it is up to the bettor to decide which site and which region suits them best.

Different Betting Types

Betting comes in many varieties, and are almost always decided by the type of event or game that the bet is associated with. Sports betting is a good example of this, where bettors can expect bets such as moneyline, score, spread, future, parlay bets, and many, many more. Learning the type of bet associated with a sport is key to having a more successful betting career, and all new bettors are encouraged to spend time researching how each bet works, what they have the chance to win, and how to bet safely.

Betting in New Zealand

New Zealand is well known for having a monopoly on all types of gambling, which can make it difficult for bettors who are looking for something more than what the national government has approved. Fortunately, online betting is a possibility, and the best way for new New Zealand bettors to begin betting on their favourite sports.